Reed-ing Aïshti

I was just walking around Aïshti boutique in the Avenues when suddenly I saw something that looked very familiar! Wait!! Gasp! Are those Reed handbags?! Yes they are! Just a few months ago they debuted on Net-a-Porter when I declared my eternal love to Reed’s practical and chic looking bag.

Aïshti  had two styles (featured here) of Reed Krakoff’s Boxer II Totes and already a couple of pieces flew off the shelves. I loved the tan-colored one with dark orange belt (it came in a smaller size but it sold out). Howeverrr I have to admit, they’re quite heavy, which kind of a turn-off to me especially that I’m known to stuff a lot of unnecessary things in my handbags (just in case…). Anyone, the large size is priced around KD 570 and the smaller one is priced around, if my memory doesn't fail me that is, KD 350.


lamia said…
I want the black one...I want the black one...I want the black one...
Anonymous said…
Hehe ;P When it first came out, around mid November, i bought mine, the Boxer I suede tote in camel (there was blue, but a shade of blue I surprisingly didn't like)
it's price was 395 KD.
And yes, it's weight is an issue, but it's not a bag I'd take shopping, so, so far it's doing well for uni ;P
I love it <<3
Confashion said…
Hahaha I just love the design of this bag! Too bad it was very heavy!

Yummy! love anything camel colored!
Do you put ur uni books inside the bag?
Anonymous said…
What do you think of the Alviero Martini bags (with the map) ? I want to buy one but I'm hesitating. My sister thinks it's a "bad bag, a complete waste of money". So should I buy one or not?

Sorry its kindof a random question :p.