My Sale Picks from My Theresa

Winter sale has arrived on My Theresa where you'll find designer pieces up to 50% off. I have scanned through all the items on sale and picked my following favourites. 


New Bride said…
gorgeous as always ;)
Danderma said…
3leech bel 3afiya :D

I love the shoes very much! O for somereason whenever i go to buy something i end up buying all grays!!! madry laish every beautiful item i like for the past two years is in gray!
Confashion said…
New Bride
Thanks sweetie ;)

Allah y3afeeich ;)

I have a weakness for anything kirkwood-ish :\
grays are so easy to incorporate into our wardrobe and they're definitely more flattering on our olive-ish skin tones than browns.. at least that's what I think! :)