Mode and Modest

Baraka is a label designed and made in Australia by Kath Fry. Her label was featured in the Australian edition of Vogue magazine last month and have had a lot of interest from customers and retailers in Middle East due to the story. The feature highlights how Baraka filled the cultural gap in the market for clothes that are modest yet beautifully made. I find it quite interesting for an international fashion magazine to address this vital issue in our region. I agree, it is challenging to find stylish clothes suitable for our Muhaja-babes (fashionistas who wear the head scarf). Some of my friends were over the moon last season when they witnessed the return of the maxi skirts/dress and wide-leg pants. 

If you have the time, please click on the image to enlarge and read the article.


Sn3a said…
hi confashion
do u know how can i subscribe to vogue in kuwait
Confashion said…
You can subscribe to any magazine using your US Aramex address. Unfortunately this option is pricey. But we don't have a choice since we're not getting international fashion magazines here in Kuwait regularly. Another option is to use Zinio as an iPad application, it transforms your favorite print magazines into digital format.. it's good but I enjoy reading my mags the old fashion way more :\
Sn3a said…
thanx for the reply
well i think that such magazines better to read directly
zinio won't do it for me;((