Looks Familiar?

Spotted these Kelly and Birkin lookalikes in all the colors of the rainbow at a store in, wait for this surprising info, SALHIYA COMPLEX! I can't remember if the store was in Mezzanine 1 or Mezzanine 2, but the store shouldn't be difficult to locate since its in Salhiya Complex. The wannabe bags were priced around KD 110 more or less, quite pricey for a wannabe designer bag.


Danderma said…
Eltaqleed we9al il 9al7iya ashkara?!

Hazolat !!!
New Bride said…
God ??? no way mn
Anonymous said…
If its another brand that design bags like hermes! I found this perfectly good;p! But if its a replica:o! Now we have a serious problem! Enshala moo 9al7yia sells fake;D

Can I know please which shop is it? W wain mokan b'9ba6 eb 9al7yia?
Anonymous said…
This is sooooooo sad
Anonymous said…
ashkara ebayen eltaqleed
Confashion said…
Scandalous! :\

New Brids
Yes way... :|

I'm not quite shop it is. But I do know that it's located somewhere on the last row of either mezzanine 1 or 2. Close to Baby Dior boutique I think?

I know!

It's a shame that they're being sold in Salhiya!