Saturday, December 11, 2010

Introducing Moushi

I love scouting for new talents in our region and shedding a light on new and upcoming designers. Especially when they're in the early stages of their career. And I can imagine how challenging it is to set a name for your brand in one of the toughest industries around. So this post is my way of showing some support to emerging fashion talents.

The other day I had the pleasure of being introduced to a new brand from a neighbouring country, Saudi Arabia, called Moushi.  Moushi is a high-end brand that offers casual chic and evening wear.  The Riyadh-based brand is founded by Mashael Alfaris, a young talented Saudi fashion designer. "My dream is to build a successful international brand and share my creativity and imagery with the world" expressed Alfaris to Confashions From Kuwait.

She has graduated from a prestigious fashion school Art and Skills institute collaborated with Educational Partner Box Hill Institute - Melbourne- Australia in 2009.  "I knew since I was a kid I would be working in the art field, but I never imagined myself growing to become a fashion designer. My hobby since I was in kindergarten is drawing figures. Then when i reached third grade I used to draw anime and distribute them to my classmates at school so they would color them. I was so inspired by the Japanese animation "manga" and how girls look so beautiful and feminine.  As I got older, I became inspired by fashion magazines, fashion designers, and trends. Fashion to me is not only clothes to wear, it's imagination, identity, it's art it self. " stated Alfaris.

"I am always inspired by the 50's and 60's glamourous style. I love how women looked at that time. They were so immaculate and elegant. In addition, I am also inspired by urban fashion style. I try to combine between classic and urban look to create a new modern impression." said Alfaris. 

Featured here some of Moushi's designs for her glamorous evening gowns line. Find out more about Moushi here.

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the boudoir. said...

KSA is really really talented in the fashion industry mashallah! in q8 weve got a lot of talent, but saudis have the talent of an established fashion designer with their runway worthy creations


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