Hellooo Beirut

I love Beirut. The food, the people, the creativity, the culture, it's just one of the diverse and dynamic cities in the Middle East. I just saw this gigantic Christmas tree made solely from soft and cuddly teddy bears at the ABC Department stores in Achrafieh and it looked super adorable.  Just the sight of a Christmas decorations makes me want to buy gifts for my family and friends even though I don't celebrate it. More photos are coming your way... 

While shopping at ABC Department stores I spotted this limited edition t-shirt by Zadig & Voltair which recently opened there. I think the proceeds of selling this top goes to a charity for children with cancer. Me like. 


Anonymous said…
وهقتونا بالانجليزي :@
So cuuuuuuuute!!!! Makes me want to hug it :-P
Confashion said…
LOL! Laish?!

The Manhattan Team
I felt the same way ;)
I waaant this tee! So nice
Confashion said…
Florine D. Marioli
You'd find it at Zadig & Voltaire's boutique in Beirut ;)