FAYM... I Wanna Live Forever

There's a new boutique in K-town but unfortunately I don't have a lot of information about it. All I know is that it's called FAYM Boutique. And according to the owner who has emailed me a few snaps of the boutique that it offers trendy and contemporary clothes and accessories. I can see Wellington boots and a colorful selection of Lulu Guinness's signature snakeskin lip clutches. 

The Boutique is founded by Feras Abushaar and Yasmena Al Mulla. And it's located next to Soya Sauce Restaurant on the Gulf Road. 


Anonymous said…
Confash, would you happen to know their working hours? merci :*
Confashion said…
Unfortunately I don't know yet... Maybe the owners are reading this and can help us with this q?
Confashion said…
Their pening hours are usually 5-9 on weekdays, and 4-9 on saturdays.