Dear Confashion: Sunny Art Fair

I have received this from Rasha Shaath, the Fair Editor for Sunny Art Fair 2010, who also was one of the organizers of the amazing event So Passé that took place at Villa Moda Shuwaikh. The  ideas and themes behind Sunny Art Fair 2010 came about as a result of countless conversations over many months; asking, probing, searching and researching for answers, or indeed, questions.  These conversations culminated with a very basic question – "What is art in Jordan?" And like planting a seed, the wealth of answers Rasha received grew and branched out, revealing a solid understanding of the importance and the role that art plays in Jordanian society . 

One of the objectives of Sunny Art Fair 2010 is to facilitate the buying and selling of art, which is an essential activity for maintaining a healthy and dynamic environment for the art market.  In parallel, SAF 2010 will work to activate various other programs on a regular basis to help connect artists with a wider public and express different aspects of art in Jordan.

SAF 2010, in partnership with HSBC, will offer a program allowing local galleries to exhibit the works of their artists along with a number of unique shows to complement the fair's theme. Of these special exhibitions,  The  Art  of  Conversation,  Collecting:  A  Story  and  The  Archetist  will  represent  the importance of curatorial practice.  A lecture series will also pose fresh ideas and concepts to involve the public. 

The fair will have an art bookshop, a design store, a café and a lounge area. Featured here is a selection of images showing the works of some of their participating artists.

For more info, visit Sunny Art Fair 2010's website here.