Dear Confashion: A Necklace or a Hair Band?

I have received an e-mail from rep of a brand called Dauphines of New York hair accessories.  What I loved about this brand is that it offers a collection of adjustable headbands that serve dual purpose - functioning as both headband and necklace. Isn't that genius?! You can wear the headband 1920s flapper-style, or the common standard styel, hippie chic style a la Nicole Richie, and finally as a statement necklace.

The designs feature an adjustable band to allow for this interchangeable function, while also providing tailored comfort of fit. Prices range from $70-$225, and materials utilized are of finest quality (natural Agate, Citrine, Turquoise and Amethyst stones, Swarovski crystals, weightless metal chains, minimalist mesh, classic pearls and tortoise toggle, woven leather and suede).

Dauphines of New York debuted via a series of trunk shows at BERGDORF GOODMAN and Henri Bendel. Select styles will soon be available on In addition, their hair chopsticks will be featured in ELLE Magazine's January 2011 Beauty "It List."

Click here to view more of Dauphines of New York collection.


Anonymous said…
But wouldn't the hair tangle between the beads and stuff?
Beautiful! Love them!
Anonymous said…
i need one of these.
Confashion said…
Hmm.. I'm sure they have tested that before making them..
I'll try one of them and let u know ;)

The Manhattan Team
Especially the first one! <3

The owner of the brand has just informed me that they will be available soon at Melange Boutique at 360 Mall.
Necklace said…

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Anonymous said…
Just to let you know guys, these pieces are soon to be available at Melange store, 360 mall.