The fabulousness (oooooh). The comfortableness (Ahhhh). Totally head over heels in LUST with Valentino's studded patent kitten heels. Don't they just make your everyday flats look plain boring? 

Available at Valentino boutique at Salhiya Complex. 


A.SH.B. said…
im crazy about them!! those are may favorite shoes of the season!:D
star said…
G.M. Confashion ^_^

@@ I was waiting for this design for a long time they didn't call me??

What sizes available and how much is it?? plz ASAP

thank you for the gooood news
Anonymous said…
And the price is?! ;P
Anonymous said…
ahhhh ive been waiting since for ever !! price please <3
Anonymous said…
how much is it ?
Confashion said…
They're STUNNING! It's hard to decide on which color/leather to go for!

Shops/boutiques in Kuwait rarely do they ever call back a client :\ I don't understand why! And They always have the same answer when you ask about new arrivals "In 10 days or 2 weeks" and then I find out that they're selling the new stock a day later! WHY!? I need to write a post about this!

Not sure what sizes are available but the price was something around KD 260

Anonymous, anonymous 2, and Anonymous 3 :)
Around KD 260