Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Uggly or Not?

They're called Uggs for a reason and unless you have loooong and skinny legs like Heidi Klum's, they're so unflattering.  But still a lot of people love them. So, if you're one of them, you might be excited to know that Jimmy Choo’s new capsule collection for Ugg boots is now available at the brand's boutique in the Avenues (Phase II), however, they don't carry the entire collection. Only these two featured styles are stocked. Price tag? Around KD 220. 


Anonymous said...

shno hatha dafsh i love jimmy choo but this one no i don't like it

Anonymous said...

I never thought Uggs were very stylish or beautiful... o only last winter did i buy my self a pair bel zoor but they sure are comfy and warm though they made my feet look like tree stumps...

Bs el Jimmy Choo's ones? Big pass 9ra7a... not only are they strange and unstylish but they will show for sure inah they are this years o this seasons... i would rather put on my classics o wear them for a few years to come eb9ara7a...

Darliam said...

i love uggs. (not so stylish) but its comfy and warm.
specially since i live in a really cold place and it tends to snow a lot here.
getting an uggs is kindda mandatory if i wanna feel my feet.

but i rather get el uggs el 3adi
these ones r so ugly
last week i wanted to buy a gray ugg (unfortunately i didn't find the one i liked)
but i saw the jimmy choo ones
kelish kelish ma 3jbooni
they were sooooo heavy !! unlike the original ones
and these (in the pic) are actually better than the ones i saw last week at nordstrom

P said...

Definitely ugly! But I'm sure many people will buy them just because they have the words "Jimmy Choo" on them! LOL!

Anonymous said...


1001Nights said...

ana ma 3jiboni kilish, very bash3een oo shakilhum cheap. HOWEVER I love the classic UGGS because of how comfortable and warm they are.

the talkers said...

way3 kelish mo stylee ugg without jimmy choo make more sense!!!.


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