Mismatch Mania

Now here’s something unique and artisanal that you don’t normally see while shopping around malls and without doubt would tickle every vintage-fashionista’s fancy.

Fashion house Clements Ribeiro designed a limited edition line of dresses entirely made of recycled vintage scarves.  The carefully selected vintage silk scarves are sewn together in a mismatched manner to create a sleek and delicate shift dress.  The dress has asymmetric twist detail at the neckline and softly pleated skirt  No two pieces are alike. And a great effort was made to use scarves which are both beautiful and in very good condition. You will notice some irregularity in texture and color as well as minimal wear, but that’s all part of the vintage design concept. Price tag? Around KD 450. 

Clements Ribeiro's vintage scarves dresses are available at Al Othman Boutique located at Mariam Complex in Salmiya.

Here's an example of of how the vintage scarves are being used in the making of one dress as shown in the below photos. You can see the beauty of the mismatched scarves shown in one dress from front and back.


Anonymous said…
Cool idea, but im not sure about the dresses, they're either super cute or super ugly