Kuwait Hearts Lanvin for H&M

My apologies for the late report on Lanvin for H&M's launch as it has been quite busy for me lately. And by now you already know the madness that occurred that day. So I'll just share some bits and pieces of my experience. And I'd like to thank my friend for allowing me to snap some photos of her accessories (she describes them as her most prized possessions). I didn't see any when I got there so it was a treat to get an up-close look at them. Things that I overheard:
  • "I was here since 6:00 in the morning!!"
  • "That girl bought 5 pieces of the same item! Not fair!"
  • "How come there are no purchasing rules applied here like they did in US and UK?!!"
  • "Can I buy that fur jacket from you for double the price?"
  • "Anyone wants that size 12 floral dress?" with her head peeping out from the fitting room.

A Lanvin brooch
I loved this red tulle dress, but its belt was missing, plus I felt it suited someone who has looong legs. Price tag KD 79

Check out the adorable branding of Lanvin for H and M

 If you have been following my tweets, then you've seen these photos which I have shared on Twitter the day of the launch. This was taken at 8:15 AM and it's the place where the shoes and mannequin were displayed. All rails were empty except for some few pieces and women were rushing around the store with armfuls of clothing and accessories. 

The cute shopping bags
A beautiful black lace 3-tiered skirt, I think it was priced at KD 35
A satin evening coat
Black skirt with one side ruched detail
And check out the funny video below of the Lanvin for H&M's launch at Dubai Mall by Gulf News reporters


The first necklace is absolutely gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
LOVE YOUR BLOG! been reading it ever since ever!
And yeah, lanvin for h&m was crazy everywhere, i had some stuff on my wishlist but by the time i got there i couldnt find anything that was my size!
i like Kuwait confashions, thank you.
Anonymous said…
oh what a mess ! lol :P any way my friend also saw an old lady with her girl buying from the same items many pieces !! maybe for thier family memebers or they will sell it 2oo more the price! dont get it

personally , i didnt liked the collection:)

thx dear