Helloooo Dubai

Just came back from Dubai for a much needed quick getaway to de-stress. At first I was like “This vacation is to unwind NOT shop”. But it doesn’t work when Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates  magically and unsurprisingly slips into the agenda. HOWEVER, I only shopped for ONE day. Coming from a shopaholic, believe me, that was a MAJOR achievement! Resisting temptation is hard!

So, let’s start with shoes… shoes… and more shooooes. Some HOT looking shoes. I WANT!! I wasn’t able to pick just ONE of those of course..and then came the “I-need-to-get-a-new-outfit-to-match” excuse, but that’s a looong story and I don’t want to bore you with. 

Want vs. Need ladies. Want vs. Need…
Christian Louboutin's Petite Fee black satin strapped boots with hot pink lace (loved this combo!)
Chloé's gray leather ankle boots with buckle-fastening ankle straps at Harvey Nichols
The same Pierre Hardy's I fell in love with but in dark red and chocolate brown also at Harvey Nichols
Glamorous platform heels by my fave shoes designer Nicholas Kirkwood available at Boutique 1 and Harvey Nichols
Siiiigh another irresistible pair of Kirkwood's
Alaïa black leather ballerina flats with a signature flower edge at Boutique 1 in Mall of the Emirates

unconventional looking Chanel flats


lamia said…
Myyy god!! chanel flats are amazing!!! I can't take them of my mind!!!!
Plz check out my new post and give me your opinion about my new purchases!!
Anonymous said…
oh my god the chanel flat is TO DIE FOR!
price tag?
Wrapping Mania said…
WOW Love the chanel flats <3
star said…
Chanel chain flats are amazing and the loubie's with the dots socks look like is an amazing idea too .. you have an excellent taste and a good eye mashallah I've to go shopping with you ;)
moon said…
the open toed kirkwoods should be worn with pantyhose ofcourse as it is for winter , is there like a specific type of pantyhose for open toed that at least wont have knitting on top of the toes ?
LoMaH said…
9ra7h kelhom 7lwen enty fananah 7a6a eshy e9a7 o el flat 7low bas ma a7s ebonothah lam albsah
bdowi said…
u have a nice thog , mashalah , i'm always tell u put things 4 men ;@
Confashion said…
I knooow! So pretty and elegant!
loved your post btw ;)

Around KD 240 I think...

Wrapping Mania
So pretty ;)
Confashion said…
Thank yoooou so much ;) So sweet of u!

I like the thick opaque or knitted tights. They look fab with open toed shoes...

Thank yoooou ;* I love both heels and flats.. try wearing the flats with floral short dresses. You'll feel feminine ;)

LOL! I'll try to post more about men's fashion I promise ;)
Maitha_Alk said…
LOVE the Chanel flats! In which Chanel boutique did u find them? MoE or DM?
Confashion said…
Dubai Mall :)