Guess Where!?

A year ago I posted about my unbelievable findings at Souk Salmiya, from designer replicas to garlic face cream endorsed by using a photo of Charlotte of SATC. Unfortunately, this is not part 2 of the post. These featured bags, obviously Chanel replicas, are being sold for KD 65 among other designer replicas, watches, wallets, scarves... etc. So what's new you ask. Well, what baffled me when I first saw them is that they're not being sold in Souk Salmiya or Souk Mubarikiya, they're actually on display at one of the boutiques at the Hilton Kuwait Resort in Mangaf!!! Yup! A store inside a 5-star hotel sells designer replicas. Isn't this considered as illegal? I'd like to know your thoughts on that. 


Her said…

Sadly this is the main reason why I am not into buying Chanel bags, coz everyone carries one (most are fake)

*tsk tsk tsk*

I dunno about Kuwait but in Dubai it is illegal to sell such stuff, although u can find such items in the black market lolz
Noon said…
EE wallah! Very very true.. I don't buy it for the same reason.. every chanel bag is a suspect now.. honestly I can't tell the difference anymore between a fake one and a genuine other.. I know ppl who are willing to throw all their money on a Chanel and try to be thrifty on clothes.. while others buy expensive outfits and fake it up with a copy chanel!! NOOO!!
A total taste corruption!
wild alchemist said…
It is upsetting that a worldwide establishment allows a fake merchandise outlet to do business on their premises. I wonder what Paris Hilton would think about carrying fake designer labels?!
Danderma said…
haw haw haw...
I posted about the one store that sells the first degree chanel and hermes replicas in mubarkiya... o mo 3ajbne il wath3...

hal door in a hotel!? Seriously? Don't we have any thing to stop this?

6alat o shamekhat china! said…
wayiid ma5theen ra7at;hum!! o ashkara mo hamhum!!! the thought of it makes me sick!! If I see it that would another issue!!! must talk to 7emayat al mustahlik..I WILL :) and will send you what happens confashions :)
Confashion said…
I love chanel and it's such a shame to see the brand's replicas being sold like that... :\

I heard Karamah Market sells all sorts of replicas in Dubai, is that true?

I think it's OK to mix and match high street with designer items. I'm just against replicas.

Wild alchemist
LOL! My niece said the same thing :P

hahaha! sij saddmah!
I doubt it if anything will be done about it.. :\
Anonymous said…
That is just disgusting!!!!

I am a Chanel addict and for me to see this, well it just makes my stomach flip and my blood boil with rage and anger!

Only fake people would carry FAKE merchandise!!!
LoOli said…
i agree with anonymous 100%
Kiran Chhabria said…
WOW! They look so genuine too!! I've seen fake LV's by the truck load but not really any fake Chanels.. none that I knew were fake anyway.