Good luck!

CRAZYYY! I'll be posting later about my Lanvin for HM off-line experience. Or you can check out my live tweets here. If you're stuck at work/home, good luck shopping online. 


Anonymous said…
are you shopping online from the kuwait website or the uk one?
Anonymous said…
and i very sad about that fact! garbed nothing b3ad kil hal n6rah ba3ad;(!
hope u did get a thing;;*?
w do u think they will have a second shipment? *Crossed Fingers*

-QueeN G
Confashion said…
The UK one :) But I couldn't get through..

It's highly unlikely that they're going to re-stock :\ items were sold out in 10-15 minutes flat. I think the process here in Kuwait was kind of unfair... in US and Europe, there were rules for purchasing items, unlike here where ppl were buying in HUUUUGE bulk.
Zabo0o6a said…
Heey babes wud you follow me back on twitter? I've been tweeting you for a while but since you're not following me you can't see them;)