Furry Friends

OK Mr. Weatherman, give me the news. Any cold weather around the corner? I've got a pair of fluffy loubies and I refuse to keep them in the closet this Fall season. It's still warm I know, but hell I'll wear them!! I'll wear them even if it's sooo hot that it makes me want to take off my skin and sit in my bones! I'll sure be tearing and wearing these furry babies until the fur hair falls all out. 

Christian Louboutin Toundra Fur boots are (or maybe were!) available at Al Othman Boutique in Salmiya. 


Anonymous said…
hahahay shno u wana be mr.big foot or what? the boots really look funny but on a fashionable girl like you i'm sure they'll look great!
newly_wed said…
dont you think this particular design has been repeated for this season? you've blogged about it before with the shoes from Reed Krakoff
and the budget copy at zara
Anonymous said…
saw the ones from zara and frankly they do not compare - confash i would sleep in these (shay mooo 6abee3i)
Confashion said…
lol! Thanks sweetie ;) u'd think they're unflattering but once you try them on... They'll REALLY make u look gooood :P

Hmmm.. Krakoff look different in design. Yes, they both have fur, but the Loubs are completely covered...

LOL! I would if I could!