Found Them!

Remember when I posted about Abdullah Al Awadhi’s limited edition collaboration with Sarah's bag using his much-loved, carefully created, and brilliantly mixed patterns of regional icons, geometry, calligraphy, and vintage images?!?!?!? Well as you may have already guessed from the photos, I have found them! Where? Gallery Tilal. Are they for sale? YES! Are they still available? Yes… so far. Price range? I think something between KD 175 – KD 65.


Me Blogging said…
thank you for the info

waaay law agdar albes el 3 bags ma3a ba3ath (in the first picture) , eyanenon all 3 of them together
Confashion said…
Me blogging
Yeah those were my fave too and also the one with Fayza Ahmed's photo (the one with chain like strap) :)
Anonymous said…
love them !