Drop-Dead Style

Skull designs have become insanely hot in fashion the past couple of seasons. And I have made quite a collection of clothes and accessories with skull motifs. And yesterday I have added some new accessories to my collection thanks to the tempting pieces I saw at Zadig & Voltaire's boutique in the Avenues Phase II.  My favourites were these comfy black flats decorated with tiny skulls. Price tag? KD 80. And I also loved the below shown knitted tops, which were actually from the Men's section, to perfect that boy-meets-girl look. I love loose knitted tops, to pair with skinny cropped pants or jeans. The skull tops in the women's section were not as eye-catchy as the men's though. However, I strongly recommend you check out the shoes. 


lamia said…
Great purchases!! I love skulls!! when I was young, my mum forbade me to wear everything that's related to the skulls. So I bought everything that was small like rings and necklaces to be able to put them on the sly.
bdowi said…
finally u put somethings 4 men ;D , i'm so happy 4 that .plz pay attention 4 men clothes ;)
Anonymous said…
hi, ia have an off the topic qustion.
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