Cinderella.. Cinderella..

I was shopping around the Aveanues the other and unsurprisingly found myself in one of officially favorite shoes destination (in the Avenues that is), Aïshti's shoes section.

First off, PIERRE HARDY!!!! My heart skipped a beat as I slipped my feet into the cut-out lace-up peep-toe heels! These are PERFECTION!! It took me a while to take them off my feet, I was literately shopping around the store IN them! The sales guys must have been really annoyed! Sorry but it's hard for me to take off Pierre once they're on my feet.  I've also found a couple of really fashion-forward ankle boots by Camilla Skovgaard and a pair of studded peep-toe heels by Gina. In addition to Pierre, I also picked up a pair of Newbark flats, very comfy for casual walking-for-miles outings. 

I'm sooo tempted to get another pair of Pierre. I'm warning you, the shoes section could get addictive and make a giant hole in your wallet! But I sure felt like Cinderella that day. 

 Some feet candy by Pierre Hardy 
 Camilla Skovgaard ankle boots