You're Once.. Twice... Three Times a Fashionisto

Kudos to our fashion insider Yousef Al-Taher who has been photographed not once, nor twice, but THREE times for his inimitable personal style by international fashion magazines as part of their street style coverage. during Paris fashion week! Wohoo!

And keep in eye on my blog for some exclusive PFW photos by our fashionisto!


F-i-e-r-c-e! wow, what style! not being afraid is key!
Anonymous said…
mmm can he be copying bryan boy akthir?!
Anonymous said…
Is he GAY ambee 7adda fashlna we3 sorry I like you'r blog bs shklech bad3ty mn kthr mat76ina I don't like that image! shbygolon 3na el awadem el reyayel bel kuwait gay !!!
Confashion said…
I don't judge a book by its cover :)
Anonymous said…
uuuhm excuse anonymous no. 2. if you hate gay men so much, why the hell are you so interested in fashion then? (you're on this blog aren't you?) fashion, you silly little thing, is OVERRUN with gay men. They make all the clothes you wear. So if you insist on being hateful and ignorant then stick to your heterosexual hindi khayya6 el jam3iyya o fikkina.

K thanks bye.

ps: get a life, already.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous #2, it is your privilege that you got a chance to have gay representation. Your bigotry is the poison of society. I'd rather see him than you.