Wishing For a Cold Cold Winter

Am I asking for too much? I just want a cold winter in Kuwait like we used to 15 years ago! Blame it on global warming! It would be really cool to rock this beautiful suede jacket with sheep skin detail, here in K-town rather than keeping it in the closet and waiting for a winterish trip. The jacket is available currently at Uterqüe in the Avenues.


Kiran Chhabria said…
Sweetie check out the ultra soft Vince jackets in a mix of leather and shearling. They are UNBELIEVABLY soft! You'll love them!
And I miss winters in Dubai too.. it's almost November and it's BOILING :(
mimi said…
I was just talking about this the other day. On Al-Watan TV weather forecast they mentioned that we might not have winter in Kuwait this year !
not only it will not be cold now it might not exist :""(

reminds me when i was in Dubai last JANUARY that was supposed to be cold and it was hot as hell .. girls there wanted winter so bad they started wearing boots with their summer clothes just because they want to use something out of their winter closet !

now we're gonna be just like Dubai
i'm so sad for that, i really love winter and WINTER CLOTHES but this year .. i decided not to buy any because i already have stuff that still have their tags on

me so saaaad :(
Confashion said…
Hey babes ;) I'll do that... :)

It's not as hot in here, but we stopped getting freezing cold weather unfortunately.

I'm not surprised :( Bummer!
Me too.. I invest waaaay much more money into my s/s wardrobe than winter :) notice the word "invest" :P