Visual Pollution and Creative Explosion

I'm sure by now, everyone knows Nuqat. But for those of you who have been living under a rock, here's a small brief. Nuqat, firstly known as "Nuqat Ala Al Huroof", started off with one objective in mind and that is "to develop Arab creativity on all levels". The first consortium occurred in May 2009 with a focus on arabic branding and copywriting. This year, the 2010 edition is focusing on Visual Pollution, in which several graphic design and architecture disciplines were integrated together in the aim to move the bar one level up. Nuqat also held seminars and workshops by some prominent graphic designers, entrepreneurs, and architects in our region. The events were so inspiring and the evenings were even more magical. I personally applaud all the people who were behind this amazing initiative for their dedication, organization, and professionalism. And I can't what to see what they'll have for us next year, which is not going to be easy because you guys made our expectations high.  

The fab MeBlogging did a great job in covering the events here and here. So, in fear of sounding repetitive, I'll try to shed some light on things that I liked from the exhibition that was held throughout Nuqat's 3-days event. 

I know that business cards should be the last thing discussed in featuring such great and well organized event, but I just couldn't not compliment how fabulous and utterly unique these business cards are. The first one on top is by Experiment:1. Notice the stitching on the side. Beautiful! And the fish tank business cards are by a local brand called LocalTees.

The above photo is a close up of one of the multi-talented Abdullah Al Awadi's marvellous creations.  I'm sooo mesmerized by his work. I loved his attention to detail and how he has carefully created patterns using regional icons, geometry, calligraphy, and vintage images.  Abdullah has already collaborated with Sarah's bag and created a limited collection of clutches and handbags (where can I purchase them pretty please, with a cherry on top?) I can just imagine seeing these beautiful graphics on dresses and jackets too. They'd make HAWT pieces! 

A close up of Sketchbook's corner of the exhibition
I think this corner is by Reuse
Boutique 4 was part of the exhibition as well. They had these colorful charm bracelets by AurĂ©lie Bidermann on display. 

An emotionally charged painting and a teaser by the young, stylish, and talented Aziz Al-Miudhaf. Don't miss out his solo exhibition next week.

LOVED this bag by Experiment one, a project by three Kuwaiti architects who take the local know-how as an essential part of their design process. I have featured them previously here. I looked closely at their bags and I was beyond pleased by the quality of their work and the finishing! And I cannot wait to see what these creative minds come up with next. 


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