Venomous Villains! Finally!

So yesterday I tweeted that the much-anticipated Venomous Villains Collection has hit MAC stores around K-town. Luckily for me, I have managed to get some lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye shadows that I have been eyening before they sell out, to add to my humble Venomous Villains collection of.. erm.. one lipstick! And as usual, the packaging was just adorable.  The collection makes a perfect gift for your female friends, beauty junkies, and those who lived their childhood watching theses Venomous Villains on screen.


Summer said…
allaah!! it looks amazing!! tawni adri mac 3indohom chithy!!
swera said…
omg this is unfair :/ they said it will arrive on Tuesday, i went their and they said it hasnt arrived yet and it will enxt week now it's here! what the hell! i bet everything is gone with the wind by now :(

I will try n check Marina tomorrow, hope i'll manage to get me few things! bugger
Anonymous said…
And thanks to you again, I bought me some ehehe will blog about it soon ;-)
Confashion said…
a lot of blogs posted about this collection. It is worth checking out ;)

Honey, customer service in Kuwait is non-existent! You rarely get any correct info out of the sales people unfortunately :\
I hope you'll manage to find the things you want!

hahaha we aim to please ;)
i got the cruella deville red gloss its realllyyyyy nice !
Anonymous said…
Lucky! I went on the Friday night to MAC avenues and the stuff that I wanted are all sold out. I wonder how things get sold out really quickly like that in here! :o
Anonymous said…
i went today and almost everything was OUT of stock :(
just got my hands on the slick black eyeliner and oh so fair powder , the good lipstick VANISHED POOF !!