Take Me to Higher Grounds

No one does sky-high platforms as good at Charlotte Olympia. And my oh my, look at these beauties and the florescent plexi hells!! TDF! All Available at Boutique 4 in Shuwaikh Industrial Area. 


she's awesome, can't believe she's so young or related to alice dellal who seems like the extremet opposite of high heels and girlie!
Anonymous said…
flat is the best
Basees said…
The high heels are incredibly elegant, but they are so high there is a danger of sustaining serious injury if you fall off them.
Summer said…
I love the one with the pink high heels!!
Confashion said…
Mrs. Handbag Addic
I totally agree! I own a pair of Olympia heels and even though I don't get to wear them as much as I would love to, they make a fabulous addition to my shoes collection.

Yes for running errands and comfort :) But sometime I need bare the pain of super high heels to look good :P

True.. but I can't help it :P

I know.. so glam! :)