Symphony by Night

So back to Symphony’s invite-only launch party at Dubai Mall. It was without doubt an evening to remember for so many reasons and on so many levels.  Before I even start on how fabulous the evening was, please allow me to get carried away for a moment about the absolutely lovely atmosphere of Symphony’s sparkling new and swanky boutique. The interior is a domestic heaven. Think high ceilings, well-lit space, and fitting rooms to swoon over (I’m talking every shopaholic’s dream fitting rooms here).  Adding mini frosted cupcakes to the mix was just plain deadly!

We were treated to an exclusive unveiling of the Symphony AW10 art installation which was produced by local art talent; The Tinkah Studio, I’ll be posting about it later tonight hopefully! It was also a night where I got to see the absolutely lovely bloggeristas LilyDressCode and ButterHotShoes. They’re incredibly sweet , stylish, and warm. 

The star-studded event featured exclusive guests Whitney Port, Christian Siriano, Rupert Sanderson, Camilla Skovgaard, Erin Fetherston and model Raina Hein. The event was packed full of Dubai’s most beautiful and stylish women. And I was thrilled to see a large number of local fashionistas because I don’t get the chance to do so when I visit Dubai throughout the year. Everyone who was there simply looked gorgeous.  I then started to mingle with the designers/celebrities, get to know more about their future plans, and their visit to Dubai. The event also featured Symphony x FACE Africa charity auction; bidding was made on pieces donated by the guest designers. You can find out more about the charity here.

A huuuge thank you goes to Symphony Boutique for inviting me to such a fabulous and memorable event. And a special thanks goes to H & S's warm welcome. I'll leave you now with a few pics to remember the evening by...

Some accessories that caught my eyes.. beautiful! And check out the jewelry stand in the first photo! So cool!

Auction sticks ready for the bidders
Designer Erin Fetherston is such a doll! She has a beautiful porcelain skin and she is unbelievably sweet and genuine. I really enjoyed chatting with her. 

Sigh... Whitney with those shiny locks again...
I think the one on the left is Harper's Bazaar Arabia's Fashion Editor/Director? Those ankle boots are smashing hot!
The fabulous LilyDressCode
Check out the tattos on Camilla Skovgaard's legs!
The lovely ButterHotShoes
Let the auction begin!
The face of Symphony AW10  campaign and one of America's Next Top Model’s finalists Raina Hein is just as sweet and genuine as Erin. 

Camilla Skovgaard is REALLY tall


Zubaida said…
It was a pleasure to finally meet my most favorite ME based blogger.
I hope to see you again!

Me Blogging said…
Thank you for covering the event, nice pix
HollyWould said…
Hey Confashions!
Just wanted to say thanks soooo much for the beautiful posts you have written on our event(s) etc. S and I really appreciate it and LOVE your blog.

Ps. It is Kate Hazell from Harpers - love her!
Confashion said…
Likewise sweetie ;*

Me Blogging
Thank yoou ;)

You're more than welcome ;)