Symphony By Day

Since the event was at night, we decided to take a walk around Dubai Mall, check out the shopping scene, do some window shopping (which ended with big purchases that don’t fit the suitcase!! Typical!), and locate Symphony Boutique so that later I don’t waste time walking around the mall wearing the highest heels I have ever tortured my feet in.

When I got to Symphony Boutique I thought it would be closed for the evening event’s preparations. I was surprised to find that it was open to the public and they were holding a “Meet the Designers” event. Meet the designers as in The Hills and The City star and designer Whitney Port, shoe designer Rupert Sanderson, shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard, Erin Fetherston (first photo), Project Runway's youngest winner Christian Siriano, and the face of Symphony AW10  campaign and one of America's Next Top Model’s finalists Raina Hein. Of course being the type that easily gets star struck I instantaneously went in and started snapping the pics away like a paparazzi, click click click, and started chit chatting with all of the designers. The conversations all started with the following unimpressive and so predictable statements “I came all the way to see you!” (For god’s sake!!! It’s just a 2 hours flight) And “I LOVE your designs”! (VERY original!)

Anyways, I’ll leave you now with the pics and comments…

That's Raina Hein signing her autograph on a limited edition Symphony Postcards. She is incredibly sweet and down to earth. And her skin is so smooth, I don't think she'll ever need to put on a foundation.

Glimpse of what's in store...

Super skinny long legs with super shiny long hair. Siiiigh

Charlotte Olympia!!! Total shoe bliss!

Camilla Skovgaard TDF peep-toe heels! (mental note: add them to the shopping list)

Sweet Stuff cupcakes anyone? Yes please!

Project Runway's youngest winner and designer Christian striking a pose for confashions

Camilla Skovgaard is GORGEOUS and MEGA super tall!

Olivia's (Palermo) Olympia. I have featured thses heels before but in green and they're currently on sale at Boutique 4 in Shuwakh and online.

More to come..


even sweeter said…
whitney looks so gorgeous!! I love her hair mashalla!

I hope you enjoyed the event looks amazing
Hellwafashion said…
I can't believe you were here for this & we still don't know who you are ;), did you go to Symphony in the evening also or just day time?
Au natural said…
Wow whitney looks amazing, was Olivia there?
Confashion said…
even sweeter
You should have seen how tall she is... siiigh.

I did thank you ;)

LOL! And yes I did go to the evening event. I don't think I saw u.. were you there?

Au Natural
Unfortunately No.. if she was there she'd freak out cuz I'd be staring at her and her clothes all the time! hahah i know how lame but she's just gorgeous!
Hellwafashion said…
I was on my way in as Kate Hazell was leaving so I think we might have been there at the same time ;)