Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strozyna at Sauce

I was first introduced to the world of Polish designer Krystof Strozyna few years back at Boutique 4 in Shuwaikh. I saw his designs and I immediately fell in love with his uniquely cut dresses that fit like a glove. Strozyna has the right mix of edgy and glam. I don't know why Boutique 4 stopped stocking his line, so I was thrilled to see Krystof Strozyna's line exclusively stocked at Dubai's eclectic multi-brand boutique S*uce. These fashion-forward cocktail dresses will surely make you stand out from the crowd.


Anonymous said...

wow so ugly

Me Blogging said...


How much?

Confashion said...

Me Bloggin
Hmm.. I remember the black sleeveless dress and the pink long sleeves dress were not more than approximately KD 550..

Lets hope my memory doesn't fail me this time!

Anonymous said...

wooow . I love it !

bdowi said...

i wonder who will wear this


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