Pearls and Brains

In a couple of years Dala Al-Fuwaires, a Kuwaiti girl and post-grad student, will be getting noticed not only for her brains (she’s currently writing her thesis and teaching Freshman/Sophomore level classes at Purdue University), but also for her fantastic sense of design which had me equally impressed. 

Dalal designs and makes eclectic jewelry that I find completely delightful. She has started about three months ago and has made quite a name for her brand Olives and Pearls. “I try to stay true to my style when designing my handmade pieces, but sometimes it's good to step out of my shell and design something that I wouldn't wear, but someone else definitely would”, expressed Dalal.

Great work Dalal and looking forward to see more! You can purchase Olives and Pearls through her Etsy boutique