Monday, October 18, 2010

May the Best One Win

I am excited to announce that HP and HellwaFashion has handpick 4 of the top regional fashion bloggers (ahem), namely yours truly, Butterhotshoes, myfashiondiary, and Hautecouturista, to join a competition designing a laptop cover/sleeve for the HP ENVY. Of course only one design will be chosen and that’s where you my lovely, sweet, and caring readers come in (Yes this is my attempt to lure you into voting for me!) No seriously, all you have to do is click HERE and vote for your favorite design. Simply comment with the blogger’s name in the comment field at the end of the page. HP and HellwaFashion will randomly pick one lucky voter to win an HP wireless mouse.

Here’s a description of my design:
The concept of the laptop case is to get two different looks for the price of one. This way it will appeal to a wider audience and can be used for males and females. The first laptop case has a very minimal and practical design of soft grey leather with a soft black leather patch. There is one long strap on one side of the laptop case and two holes. This is used to close tie the case in a knot the way runway models tie the belt around their waist recently. And on each corner there are 4 grey hidden clip-ons. These will be used to attach the white leather spread with cut-out-like-a-lace design and uneven curved edges to give you that 2nd look. You will also notice the design of the inside case where it has a zipped pouch for the laptop and 3 slots for business cards and a notepad. The lace leather spread shown in the first photo clips onto the main laptop cover. On the lace leather spread there are 6 iconic wardrobe staples that are barely shown (they're supposed to blend in with the laser-cut lace/leather) They will be visible only if you stare hard into the leather spread. Of course the reason for the cutout is that obviously to show the background color.

So as you can see, I'm obviously not a “designer”, but know how to spend all my savings on “designer” stuff. Here’s a look at my so-called design and please show me the love and vote.


Anonymous said...

love it! im on the search for a laptop case, if ild saw it ild by it with my eyes closed!

Yours Truly said...

Just voted for your design! Absolutely Gorgeous mashalla! I want one Now! :)

even sweeter said...

I just voted too!

love your design soo much!hope you win

Cool said...

Confashions!!!!! Hope u guys win

Confashion said...

Thank yoooou all for your support :D

Anonymous said...

Done, good luck!


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