It's All In The Details

First of all I’d like to give a warm welcome and a big hug to Bottega Veneta! Finally!! You have been truly missed!  The brand now has its own boutique which recently opened at 360 Mall, unfortunately minus the clothes! Nevertheless, It’s back for good. So that;s good enough for me.

Bottega has this timeless glam appeal to its shoes and accessories. Just take a sharper look at the meticulous stitching, beautiful leather, flawless quality, and exquisite embroidery.  These are just a few of Bottega Veneta’s fine details that bring any outfit to life. I still own a pair of Bottega heels and a couple of bags which I bought at least 8 years ago and they still look brand new.  Love it!


Au natural said…
love the clutch, perfect color too
Anonymous said…
cona please do u have an idea about the bottega black clutch price?
Confashion said…
Au Natural
You have to see it in person. Absolutely beautiful piece!

I think it was around KD 730 said…
I love the shoes!!!! I need to get 'em asap :) so bottega of them..