The FA Gallery - Part I

The first thing that crossed my mind when I stepped inside the FA Gallery was “I want to move in and live here forever!” 

Situated in an historic Arabic House opposite to Amiri Hospital, and owned by Al Otaibi Family, the FA Gallery is a Boutique and Art Gallery that opened on 10/10/10. The ground floor is an art gallery which hosts wonderfully exquisite work by regional and international artists. And the 1st floor has a small collection of fashion and accessories for men and women by South American brands. I think they will be introducing more brands in the future so the collection should be bigger and better. 

I must say the place is just so serene and magical. I loved the fact that when they revamped the place they stayed true to its original look. I loved the mix of old and new. I’ve been in and out up and down the entire gallery, everything was simply beautiful. The art pieces on display and the interior were a feast for the eyes.
This is exactly what we need in Kuwait. We need more cultural and artistic hubs. All in all, it was a superb visual experience and a must-visit. 

I have total of 3 posts dedicated for this gallery because I wanted to share everything I liked there and I couldn’t just put them all in one post. So enjoy! 

The entrance door

A balcony overlooking the Gulf Road