Dear Confashion: Re-selling My Gowns

Q: I have many evening gowns that are in excellent condition, but I think its time for me to say goodbye..i get invited to many weddings so I have many evening gowns that I want to re-cycle i.e sell at a good price. Is there a place that I can do this?

Many thanks,
Dina al-Baijan

A: I have the same dilemma too! And honestly I'm not sure if there is such a place in Kuwait where it buys evening gowns at a good price. I know a place where you can donate them for charity. If you happen to know of such service, please do share in the comments sections. Thank you.

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mariama said…
i was thinking about the same thing this morning! they should establish such buisness her specially for the pieces with tags which i have plenty of ;/
LabellaIman said…
Hi! New reader here! Why don't u or her or both of you, set up a blog shop where you sell them?
Danderma said…
I know someone who sold her wedding dress after she got divorced but i am not sure where...

anyways why don't you girls try She has a sale corner and i am already putting stuff up there for sale... i don't believe she ever sold an evening gown before but you could try and be the first? I have several evening dresses that go way back and i know that i won't be wearing them again! Some people do not mind if the dress was in a good condition or worn once...
Dima said…
I know that sells used handbags..not sure about evening gowns..maybe if you contact them they would sell them for you.

P.S: 1st comment for me here=D
Confashion said…
I couldn't agree more!

Welcome to my blog ;)
I don't think I'd do a good job at it.. any volunteers? ;P

I have never heard of this site! Will check it out now. Thanks for sharing :)

I have never heard of this one either! Will check it out now. Thanks for sharing :)

P.S: Hopefully it won't be the last ;)
treschic said…
Ok, you girls got a buyer here! If you are still interested to sell please send your contacts here:
many thanks