The Coolest Case

Now here's a suitcase you'll notice miles away on the airport's conveyor belt. Plus it's so easy to describe to airport security in case, god forbid, it gets lost!! I forgot the name of the brand unfortunately, but it's available at Bloomingdales Dubai.


Fibonacci said…
The Brand is "Heys" its on the luggage :P
Its Romero Brito, the design at least =)
Anonymous said…
Love it! By the way the brand is called "Hays Luggage Corporation" its American and you can see their entire collection on
Confashion said…
Oops! My bad! :\
That's what happens when you're sleep deprived! :P

Mrs. Handbag Addict
Thanks ;)

Thank you :)
Immortalita said…
I like it !
Thank u ^^