Andy Warhol & Fortnight of Fashion

On my way to Symphony's official launch party I noticed an Andy Warhol's exhibition being held at the Fashion Atrium in Dubai Mall. Of course this was part of the many events organized by Harper's Bazaar Arabia's Fortnight of Fashion. The exhibition was a display of Andy Warhol’s original fashion illustrations from 1951 – 1964, which were commissioned by Harper's Bazaar during his early career. During his time as a freelance contributor to Harper's Bazaar, the artist became well known for his signature drawings of shoes, accessories, beauty products, butterflies and cats. All of the illustrations, which are normally housed in New York at the headquarters of Harper's Bazaar publisher Hearst, were available to view in the Fashion Atrium at The Dubai Mall. I loved what was displayed in the exhibition but honestly it didn't quite hit the right note because of the location. It was too noisy as it was held right next to Armani cafe and the designer boutiques. I felt the frames were kind of lost in the huge space. An exhibition like that needs a secluded area with soft background music where you get to peacefully admire the work. Nevertheless, it was totally worth checking out.