Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still not over Summer?!

Shoes and bags! Bags and shoes! I'm not only obsessing over the new season's, unfortunately my bags and shoes fever has hit last season's too! And you know what's even worse? Justifying my purchases with "But they're on discount!!" and "What a bargain!". Sigh! Now indulge in this killer red exotic leather ankle boot from Céline (available at Céline boutique in Arraya complex). Beautiful beyond words! And how about some Pierre Hardy metallic sandals and Louboutin jazz shoes (available at Al Othman's Outlet store in Mariam Complex).


newly_wed said...

to be realistic, summer is not over yet, we have at least 1 and a half month more to go before real temperature decreases to the point we wear boots and while we are at this.. cant we enjoy wearing summery stuff? :) o ba3dain winter is gonna go in a poof, any summer buy will be a better investment.

Confashion said...

You're absolutely right. We get to wear and tear of s/s stuff more so it only makes sense to buy more ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you know how much the louboutin shiny shoes are? they're gorgeous!

Confashion said...

Unfortunately I don't remember the price tag :( Sorry!


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