Thursday, September 30, 2010


For some reason, I have only noticed the accessories collection at Aïshti boutique, the Avenues Phase II, two days ago. It could be the way merchandise is displayed or the fact that the lighting is a bit darkish?  Even though I like Aïshti I find it difficult to browse through the store, too many items squeezed in one rack, too dark, brands are scattered, and you kind of get lost. But anyhow, I spotted some really funky  accessories on display. I'm not sure who the designer is for the first featured photo, but I loved the way this cuff leather bracelet looked and how it's decorated with thin golden chains and golden rock-shaped beads. And I also found another collection of bold, fun and colorful accessories by a cult French jewelery brand called N2, which specialises in fantasy jewellery with a retro twist, featured here below.  I wouldn't wear the earrings shown here, too teenager-ish for my taste, but they're kind of cute to look at. 

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