Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wang's Coco.. But it's not

Zara has done it again.  They got inspired by Alexander Wang’s Coco studded duffel bag and created something very similar in shape and texture. BUT, instead of the studded bottom, they have opted for decorating the edges with a golden chain (a la Stella style?). The bag is part of their latest new arrivals and it retails for around KD 50. 

What do you think? Is it a hit or a miss? 


Anonymous said...


NOUR said...


Confashion said...

Anonymous and Nour
I think so too!

AZM said...

Definitely a hit...
He makes great bags.

noori said...

It's obvious .. An absolute miss!!
I think zara should focus on an inspired clothing designs and shoes and give up on handbags .. Or do what h&m did when they collaborated with Jimmy choo and produced the Jimmy choo for h&m line ..


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