Design Forum

I have just recently noticed a new line at River Island called River Island Design Forum. Design Forum is a River Island initiative where  it commissions fashion students and emerging talents to design a limited collection to be sold in select River Island stores (thank god Kuwait is one of them!!) under the Design Forum banner.  I was quite impressed by some of the Design Forum pieces. There were some seriously cool shoes and dresses at very budget friendly prices of course, like this featured dress with sheer billowy sleeves  (on the mannequin) which you can pair with a statement necklace and killer heels and no one would ever guess that it's from RI!! And these strappy beige and turquoise sandals with leather bow details designed by student Sophia Grace, I already have this name saved in my archives because from the looks of her designs, she's going to hit it big.


Just A Bunch said…
wow, the heels look awesome!!

but they look soooo painful! I can't stand wearing heels these days! :'(
Zabo0o6a said…
I loved the blouse, that was in the avenues?
Confashion said…
Just a bunch
I knooow! I was quite impressed! I think if the designer of the shoes starts manufacturing her designs at even a better quality factories, she will hit it big!

Wear them for special occasions where you don't get to walk much :P

Yup :)
Zabo0o6a said…
Cudn't find it in my size :(
gonna check marina tomorrow !