Dear Confashion: Gifts with Good Deeds

There is no better way to kick start our Ramadan other than with some selfless good deeds that come in small and pretty packages.

Two Kuwaiti entrepreneurs came up with a concept called Duna which represents life and faith. With that idea, they used the beauty of the Quran words and portrayed it on the cover of it as well. “Islam has emphasized on beauty, therefore, my friend and I created beautiful Quran covers with different sizes to cater to the convenience of the readers. It can be an opulent gift for Ramadan, a hand for someone in need, or a smile to put on a person”, expressed Duna owner. 20% of the sales proceeds are donated for charity.

There are currently two sizes. The prices of each size are: Small KD 10 and Regular KD 15. For order or any inquiries, please call (+965) 5531-1988 or send an e-mail to