Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bassam Fattouh's New Makeup in Kuwait

After reading Ansam's post and her recommendations on Bassam Fattouh's new make-up line, I decided to check it out  up close and personal, at first I was slightly disappointed because there wasn't a huge selection. BUT, when I tried on several things, the disappointment was quickly replaced with fondness.  Like Ansam, I got the Rouge Q8 lipstick and I guess that's the patriotic side of me too!  And I also got the Haifa lipstick, it has a nice texture and color. And I also got the jet-black eye Kohl and this was my favorite. Very intense color.  The eye concealer was nice but too heavy for my taste.  I do recommend that you go to Rawdha Co-op to check the new make-up line out if you have the time and need to refresh your beauty routine with a new make-up. 


lady jow said...

shawgtenee to pass by... emd7ole looking for the pefct askra e6awl wtkthf.. so ten9e7en !!

RanNouf said...

my frnd was there the other day ,, she said thy were OUT of everythng! the jet black eyeliner, the eyebrow pencil and .. madree shino ba3ad :P whn did u go? if 2day then im going 2morrow ,, really wnt the jet black eyeliner :) w 3aleech bl 3afya :)

Ansam said...

LOL I have a post about you coming up in a couple soon - today as well! Hahahaha I will link this post to it ;-D

sara said...

eee i went there last week , o i bought el eye pencil o haifa lipstick o blusher , love them all ,the lipstick and the
blusher really goes with my skin color , o el eye pencil wayed 7elow

Anonymous said...

What's the price range? is it like mac cosmetic's price range? :)

Confashion said...

Hmm.. I haven't tried their Mascara but I use Lancom's, Bobbi Brown's, and MAC's and they're all good.

I went last Wednesday I think...
Allah y3afeeich :*
But when I was there.. they pretty much had everything in stock..

LOL! Cool telepathy :P

3alaich bil 3afiya :)

Confashion said...

Actually, I find Bassam's makeup more expensive than MAC cosmetics.


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