True Blog Lovin’

Love is all around. I recently found out that my blog has been mentioned by the fabulous and forever funny Bébhinn Kelly of as one of her favorite websites in an interview with her by Marie Claire magazine’s latest edition. And I also got my "claim to fame" moment through local newspaper Al Seyassah's columnist Sara Al-Mukaimi, who sweetly stated that Confashions is one of her top four daily reads. Also how could I not mention the beautiful post written by the lovely Ansam a couple of months back. Can any blogger truly ask for more than the love and appreciation of his/her readers? A total e-bliss.  Thank you so much for all your kindness and for making my day. 



abLa Noura said…
your blog 3ajeeb o yestahel kil hal kalam il 7ilo ... keep blogging girl
May said…
You deserve all the best :)
Anonymous said…
Confashion said…
Abla Noura, May, and Ansam
Thank yooou so much ;)
may said…
Mabrook! definitely one of my favorite fashion blogs ;)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations :)

You deserve all that and more.

Anonymous said…
confashions walla entay 3ajeeba testahlen kil 5air all the good things they say about u is ture mashallah 3alech.. I LOVE U :*
Tistahlain kil khair ;)
Mashallah ur blog is one of the best fashion blogs!
Confashion said…
may, Anonymous 1, Anonymous 2, and 9al7a
Biiiig hug to you all :) Thank you for your support and kind words :D
Anonymous said…
Confashion ..

I have a suggestion for you. As you know the market of new boutiques and up and coming local designers is rabidly growing.

As a reader, shopper, consumer we need legit guidance that can provide us with realistic information about what entering the Kuwaiti market, the good - the bad and the ugly.

We also need location, owners and contact numbers.

Do you think you can post THE FASHIONESTA LIST 2010 ?

I think if someone is going to do it, would be you :)
Noon said…
You are my first top daily read!! and if I skip a day.. I'm happy that next day I have more than one post to enjoy :-)) If I shop around I always wish I bump into you and say in a loud voice:" So YOU ARE Confahionista!"" hehe.. fantasies!
and when I try a garment inside a fitting room, I say let me pretend I'm Confashion and I take a picture of the dress hung on the wall!

Your writing style and your taste is of a grade one class!
Confashion said…
oh wow that would be a major project! but it's a very smart idea! Hmm.. need to think it over ;)

LOL! That's sooo sweet! Thank you soooo sooo much :*