Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Fendi

There I was standing in the middle of Fendi’s boutique in Salhiya Complex, finding myself looking at a massive array of Fendi leather samples, from plain to ostrich, to croc, and getting a bad case of handbag itch. I want one! My own personalized and handmade Fendi Peek-a-boo bag with my name engraved onto the metal tag attached inside. HOWEVER, I’m not sure if that itch can wait for 5 months though! What if my Fendi crush fades away one month after the down payment? Hmmm… decisions decisions..

You personalized Fendi peek-a-boo bag costs around KD 800 and you can choose up to seven characters to be engraved on the metal tag.


newly_wed said...

that would make the most fabulous git!!

Danderma said...

I like the colors on the plain leather samples... el zaiti... o il brownish ele foog ele foogah... o il purplish/mud ele foog el pink ele foghom... fa i am guessing if i make a bag in either of these 3 colors it'll will be striking...

o put my name on it 3n il boog...
bs 5 months is too much? s7 what if u change ur mind? plus... how long do u expect to be using it? if forever then it might be worth the wait...

Zubaida said...

That first Peek A Boo is one of the most beautiful bags I've ever seen. The Fendi Peek A Boo is very popular and trust me your crush will not fade away, it's worth the wait.

Zabo0o6a said...

Grrrrr, the nude ostriiiiiich woud form a wonderful baaaag !

Confashion said...

You're absolutely right but I hate the waiting game! :\

Believe me! in addition to my dilemma of going for it or not, I had a haaaard time picking a color! They all look yummy!!
Hmm.. I think this will turn into a classic item...sa7?

I couldn't agree more :( I waaant!!

Oh!! by the way! The ostrich and croc are a zillion times more expensive But ur right.. it is stunning!! :)

lamia said...

My god !! That first Peek A Boo is TDF !!! Sooo expensive !!

Confashion said...

totally! ;)


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