Thursday, July 22, 2010

Liberty of Kuwait

It seems that I have been living under a rock lately as just recently I’ve found out about Liberty of London fabrics being sold in Kuwait!!!  Kuwaiti store, Haifa Kaftans, is the sole distributor of  Liberty of London in Kuwait. And that's not all; Haifa Kaftans actually produces a line of kaftans made from Liberty silks and cottons, often combining both. The Liberty fabrics however are only sold at their Shuwaikh branch.  And did you know that Liberty has been producing fabrics and textiles since the 1800s?! Amazing!

I have major weakness towards liberty’s dainty floral and novelty prints. They just perk up my day. I have a couple of button down shirts, skirts, and dresses, all made using Liberty fabrics that I bought from Cacharel, Zadig & Voltaire, and other places that I don’t recall now.  And what I love about them is that each piece has a different print and color. And the beauty of these pieces is that I can wear them in a way that they don't particularly have to match.  And now I can add kaftans to my collection of Liberty! Woohoo!

Keep an eye on my blog, more excising news on Liberty of London and exclusive photos are coming your way.


Lou said...

i passed by haifa kaftans today (the qurtoba branch) and it seems they only sell the separate fabrics in their shuwaikh branch!
but they did have some comfortable dara'as

Confashion said...

Opps! Sorry about that, it's my fault. I forgot to mention that the fabrics are only sold at the Shuwaikh branch.. :)

wanda art. said...

Beautiful stuff !!!


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