Thursday, July 22, 2010

Liberty of Kuwait - Part II

Haifa Kaftans is the brains behind the genius idea of reviving traditional Kaftans by injecting them with Liberty of London fabrics. And featured here is a sneak peak of their newly designed Liberty Kaftans exclusively shown for the first time. I love how comfortable their shapes are, makes them perfect for bloated tummies after breaking our fasting.  And I'm so excited to add a Kaftan to my humble collection of Liberty clothes and accessories. 

Haifa Kaftans has been around for 3 years now. And other than their line of Liberty Kaftans, they craft Kaftans out of fabrics sourced from Uzbekistan, Turkey, Thailand, China, Egypt, and France. All their fabrics are made of natural breathable materials like silks, cottons and wools. Haifa Kaftans never use synthetic materials and their Kaftans are individually produced with artisan hand finishing in India, Morocco and Lebanon. In fact, no two Kaftans are ever alike!

And as I mentioned in my previous post, they're the sole distributors of Liberty of London fabrics in Kuwait (only at their Shuwaikh branch). So you can also create your own Kaftan or maybe want to design one for your little princess with a matching gergai’an bag? How adorable would that be!

For my foreign readers, gergai’an is a Ramadan event where kids dress in traditional clothes and walk around the neighborhood to collect candies. Basically it’s our version of Halloween’s trick or treat.

So swing by one of Haifa Kaftans stores to stock up for Ramadan. They currently have 3 store locations in Kuwait: Qortuba Mall-1st Floor, Dasma Coop-Mezzanine and Shuweikh-near Al Tilal Complex. And recently opened their Oman branch at Zakher Mall in Al Khuwair. Omani customers can call 24484737.


The Manhattan Team said...

ooooh! They all look so girlie and comfy! We *heart* :-D

Confashion said...

The Manhattan Team
Same here ;)

Anonymous said...


They make Liberty kaftans for the young ones as well! I just bought the most adorable one with a matching bag for my 4 year old niece! They sell them all the way up to size 12!

I LOVE LIBERTY (don't judge me but i bought a matching kaftan for myself)

PrimaDonna said...

This is so adorable! I always loved the kuwaiti take on kaftans! And the breathy florals just give out the theme of english afternoon tea <3, how much is it for one of the kaftans shown?

Haifa Kaftans said...

Hi PrimaDonna,

Thanks for your interest! Our Liberty Kaftan range starts at 45KD and tops out at 150.

Happy shopping!

(And thanks The Manhattan Team we *heart* our fans!)


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