Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grazia France Hearts Yousef

Woohoo! Kudos to our fashionisto Yousef Al-Taher whose photo was snapped by Grazia France style hunter for their Street Style section. Yousef's photo was taken in Paris during the Haute Couture fashion week. 

Click here to view the link.


ushi sato said...

at first i thought it's Bryan Boy...gosh...copying is not that bad...but a total will just give confusion....and it just raised my eyebrows....totally totally Bryan Boy that look....

sorry...but i dont lurv it.

ladygaga_q8 said...

Amm we should be proud from the fact that this amazingly fashionable Boy is from kuwait
And support hem! Plus I don't think he look like bryan at all!!! Do your research before you talk xx
Ps: love is : L.O.V.E!

yousef said...

Bryan is a dear dear friend,so I'm very flattered by your comment.

TotoForousha said...

yow Ushi sato send me the link to the international fashion magazine that posted ur picture while attending paris fashion week and talked about you!! and no one asked for ur opinion
honey i hope u didn't raise ur eyebrows too high this time ha..

Confashion said...

What Yousef has chosen to wear is a reflection of his personal style, and although I don't see the resemblance between his look and BryanBoy's, I still think it's OK for someone to have a style icon and get inspirations for his look.

Anyhow, the purpose of this post was not to praise his look, but merely the fact that he made it to the online pages of an international magazine such as Grazia. :) Bravo!


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