Friday, June 18, 2010

Someone Stole Um Kalthoom's Thunder...

I've spotted this adorable Sabah, a Lebanese singer and actress, rainbow colored clutch by Sarah's Bag at one of the boutiques in Villa Karizma called Ghazel el Banat. Such a cool piece for Ramadan and for all year round actually. It's the last piece and it's around KD 44.

Update 1: It's actually Suad Hussny on the bag and she's an Egyptian actress. Thanks Ke7l for correcting me ;)

Update 2: Ehm.. Apparently.. it is Sabah the Lebanese singer and actress on the clutch, Thank you Pink for re-assuring me :P And I also did some googling here and here just to make sure that we got it right this time! And of course Pink's post here. ;)


Ke7el said...

Hi :)

We posted about Ghazal Banat two weeks ago :)

Just a small thing? That's "Suad Hussni" not Sabah :) and she's Egyptian :)

-Ke7el Team xx

YasmineElCharif said...

Its such a beautiful piece! And its also bittersweet as this month marks the date she dreadfully passed away.

I think we need to pride ourselves in creating arab idolised pieces, we marvel over a simple t-shirt with the gorgeous marilyn monroe, why not marvel over our very own scarletts?

pinkmsg said...

no its not su3ad 7usni sarah bag didnt do any su3ad 7usni collection ?
its sabah collection and its her last collection ? check this link

Confashion said...

Thank you for commenting and correcting me at first, but apparently it is Sabah and not Suad Hussney.. anyways.. these things happen ;P

It is! I liked it a lot.. very refreshing.. Marilyn, Audery, and even Um kalthoom are slightly over used.. So Sabah, Suad, and even Mariam fakher el deen would be a nice change..

Thank yooooooou ;)


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