Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's New at the Avenue?

New to me at least! I'm not sure when these boutiques opened in the Avenues Phase II, could be 2 months ago, but I thought of sharing them here anyways.  Let's start with DIVA boutique, a visit to DIVA is like hanging out in one of LA's most casual chic boutiques.  DIVA carries great feminine and practical lines such as joie, Rebecca Taylor, and the famous bloch banana flats in pop colors like yellow and green.  What I loved about the boutique is that the lines they carry have certain mix of qualities we kind of miss in the Kuwaiti market: wearability, quality of fabric/tailoring, and most of all price-friendly.  Below are some of the cute things they have in-store.

And a few steps away from DIVA, there is this new boutique called Lie Sang Bong Paris. If you're a fan of dresses with quirky architectural silhouette, then this store might appeal to you.  I picked two of my best finds in this season's "it" color palette, nude and blush pink, shown below.  

And last but not least, La Mode Zone is another multi-brand boutique which carries day and evening wear. One brand that caught my interest which they carried was by German designer  Bernhard Willhelm, there were beautifully tailored and colorful pieces perfect for our long summer days and nights. Also, I spotted the below dress by Ana Sekularac which looked very familiar. AHA! Leona Lewis was wearing the exact same dress but in white for her Marie Claire UK photo shoot.  Not crazy about this piece, Bernhard Willhelm definitely rocked the store they also had some really nice colorful flats and gladiators


Anonymous said...

where exactly can i find diva in avenues?

Livingmylife said...

that black dress is gorgeous! must buy tomorrow!


Confashion said...

Next to Hackett in Phase II

Enjoy your purchase ;)

Anonymous said...

Omg the blush pink dress is PERFECT! do u remember its price?

Confashion said...

I think it was around KD 420..


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