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Ok, so those of you who are following me on twitter know that I went on a quick getaway over the weekend to the forever transforming, always enchanting, and our closest shopping haven: Dubai. I really enjoy going there, the food was great, the weather was amazing, and the shopping was just fabulous. I have a lot of things to share with you, so let’s start with my first shopping destination Harvey Nichols. I was mentally and physically ok shopping around HN, admiring this, trying out that. Until I spotted heels by shoes genius Nicholas Kirkwood, my knees felt weak, my heart was skipping a beat, and in some mysterious way I carried the entire collection in one had and untied my shoes with the other. I said to myself “OK. DON'T PANIC. Don't panic. They’re only a pair of heels. A piece of leather (ok! exotic leather!!), I mean, just how scary can that be? Right?” WRONG. It is the most terrifying thing to find the shoes you want only not in your size!! After breaking a sweat, I was saved by the sales assistant who found one pair in my size. Not bad, one out of the 3 “I-want-them-now” pairs shown in the below 2 photos. And to cut a long story short, we lived happily ever after. Of course other shoes that I fell in love with were: the Brian Atwood Studded PVC d'Orsay in the first photo, eye popping yellow colored sandals by Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen’s red and blue leather strappy sandals, more colored exotic leather sandals by Brian Atwood, aaand khaki canvas heels with two buckled straps detail by ChloĆ©. The sale assistant offered me coffee while I was trying on the heels, I easily spent two hours (and a whole lot of money!) at HN’s shoe lounge alone. Crazy I know!


Anonymous said…
you came to dubai and I want to go to kuwait
DoDoq8 said…
nichols soon in kuwait at the avnuse
Me Blogging said…
you always make me laugh when you describe how you feel when you see the shoes you want :) this is exactly how i feel

china byenba3oon bhal la7tha ele shefteehom feeha
how can i follow u on twitter?
Confashion said…
Let me know if you need tips on where to shop ;)

Yup ;)

Me blogging
LOL ee wallaaaa ;)

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