Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Studding it

It's studs madness at Givenchy boutique located in Salhiya complex. And even though I read some negative reviews on these bags, honestly when I saw them up close and personal I couldn't help but fall in love with the airport-security-check-unfriendly studded collection which consists of a hobo bag, women's wallets,  mini messenger bag, and silver studded duffel style bag with hand and shoulder straps (my fave) which also comes in two sizes, the one featured here is the smaller size. 

price point they're really reasonable for a high-end designer brand (probably because they're made out of nylon) I think the most expensive was around KD 250+.

And if the fully studded nylon bags ain't your flavaaa, then check out the black studded Tinhan Hobo leather Bag, where studs were used to decorate the edge of the bag only. 


tigerlily said...

I LOVE the wallets! I think I'm going to have to go get me one :)

serenade said...

LOL love the "airport-security-check-unfriendly studded collection" comment!

traveling has become a nightmare in that sense,, wayn ayam iluxury traveling :(

hotnessmonster said...

i loved! gonna go check them out as soon as possible ..

Confashion said...

The wallets are fab! My 2nd favorite after the duffle bag :)

I know.. the good old days.. sigh

You better act fact because they're in limited quantities. :)


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